Are there any pillows which still stay intact after a long time using? The answer is absolutely yes! They are the pillows which are cleaned on a regular basis.

Almost everybody who is accustomed to using sleeping pillows is on the dilemma between spending a great sum of money on new pillows and keeping the old ones with lurking dangers. If you are in the same case, you can apply one method which can be economically helpful and safe. And that is to clean them now!

Old Pillows – New Dangers

What is the price you have to pay for continuing to use your old dirty pillow every night? Pillow is an indispensable buddy during your sleep. Imagine how terrible it would be if you start your sleep with a dirty one? Disgusting? Unbearable? It’s more than just that:


The stench coming from dirty pillows is able to make you sleepless. Thus, in the next day, you will feel extremely tired, light-headed  and distracted. If this situation continues to last for long, it will make your health deteriorate.

Skin Diseases

Your skin is the area which makes direct contact with a pillow, especially the skin on  the face and neck. In particular, if not cleaned regularly, the pillow will put your skin at risk of allergies.

If you are a person with sensitive skin, it can lead to even more serious consequences such as acne, itchiness, discomfort, redness .It can make you lose confidence in daily activities.

Respiratory Degradation

Dirty pillows and mattresses are not only harmful to the skin, they also contain harmful bacteria that directly affect the human airways. Dirt from these items will go into the nose causing breathing problems, even bronchitis.

How To Clean A Pillow


You should usually wash the pillowcases once a week and the inside  of the pillow every six months to make sure it is clean as well as to keep your pillow soft.

Hand Wash or Machine Wash?

Most pillows are created with machine-washable materials. However, You should research into the materials carefully before throwing your pillows in the washing machine. If you are still in doubt about it, wash your pillow by hand to prevent unwanted damage.

Hand Wash

  • Step 1: Dissolve the soap in hot water to remove dirt and kill bacteria.
  • Step 2: Soak your pillow in the mixture for about 15 -20 minutes
  • Step 3: Gently wash the pillow with hot water and soap 
  • Step 4: Rinse the pillow with water several times until the soap is clean. Use conditioner for the last rinse to have good smell
  • Step 5: Press lightly on the pillow and use a towel to absorb water on  the pillow, do not twist the bowels.
  • Step 6: Dry your pillow under  the sun until it is dry

Machine Wash

  • Step 1: Put one or two pillows in the machine, try to spread them evenly in the case
  • Step 2: Add a suitable amount of detergent, and adjust the water to the temperature as indicated on the mark.
  • Step 3: Gently invert the pillow, you can adjust the position if necessary and then rinse it with cold water.
  • Stepp 4: Spin at low speed and remove the pillow from the washing machine.
  • Step 5: Place pillows on a towel and let them dry on their own under the sun. If you have a clothes dryer, you can also use it to dry your pillows, but remember to choose a low temperature.

In conclusion

Above are some tips for you to take into account when cleaning your pillows. A good pillow is not the most expensive one, it is the cleanest one.

Thank you for reading!